With our green home decoration you can give your home a brush up without changing the furniture or changing the color of your walls. Our affordable home decoration based on long lasting green plants is inspired by interior design and the recommendations of Scandinavian trend labs.

We introduce entirely new collections in January and in August and in addition to that we keep changing the products in our Classic and Nature collections. This autumn our new collection is named "Green Living".








green living


  Our Raw flower pots are ready to match our Cactus, Succulents, Hoya, Fern, Corokia and Ceropegia... A flexible selection of warm colored flowerpots to chose from. The surface is hamonious with an endless flow to it... Our collection of neutral colored products look stylish all year round. Vertical is the name of this new classic flowerpot. Green Living makes your home look fresh and green when darker days take over from this lovely summer.