Good Times - Sit back and relax...

When you feel like giving your home a brush up without changing your furniture or the color on your walls, buying plants and flower pots with the right look is an easy short cut.

At Offer Madsen we create afffordable home decoration based on long lasting plants.  We find inspiration in the fashion industry, on trend seminars and in the Nordic nature.

For spring and summer 2016 we have chosen a classic summer theme with blue, white and beige colors used on ceramics, wood, cork and concrete. We call the collection "Good Times" and the products are available from March 2016 and throughout thesummer. Please give us a call if you wish to know exactly what is on stock.

A strong trend these years is "Do It Yourself", DIY, and we are happy to introduce Flower Candle™ and Plant Puzzle™. The two new home accessories are flexible and can be used in numerous ways.

You will find our series in the categories Cool Collections and Magnetized®.

We wish you a wonderful summer with lots of good times for instance while decorating your home with the new season colors.



Offer Madsen A/S