Green is the new black...

When you feel like giving your home a brush up without changing your furniture or the color on your walls, buying plants and flower pots with the right look is an easy short cut.

At Offer Madsen we create afffordable home decoration based on long lasting plants.  We find inspiration in the fashion industry, on trend seminars and in the Nordic nature.

Right now we have three modern and interesting collections: DeLuxe, Classic and Nature. Each collection consists of different colors, materials, shapes and size each with their own "touch and feel" to it. 

Our very popular magnetic flower pot Magnetized® has so many variations that we have made a catalogue just for that.

What else is new...? Cactus! We now sell a high quality assortment of cactus with and without matching added value. Please read more in the category Green.

We wish you a cosy autumn and winter with lots of fun decorating your home with the new season colors and materials.

Offer Madsen A/S